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Shed tear down and removal is easy when you call Dunkin Junk Removal. We’re here to serve all of Sacramento County with affordable, reliable service. We can tear down sheds all over the area quickly and with efficiency.

Our mission is to provide you with affordable services that fit your budget. You can trust Dunkin Junk Removal for your shed tear down and removal needs in Sacramento. Contact us today at (916) 891-6456 or online to schedule an appointment!

Tear Down Sheds Fast

Dunkin Junk Removal can take down all types of sheds, from metal to wood. We have the tools and workforce needed to tear down your shed as well as the experience. Our professionals make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

We can handle any job, no matter how small or large. With Dunkin Junk Removal, you can trust us to provide affordable services that fit your budget.

Our Sacramento County Shed Tear Down Service Includes:

  • Shed tear down 
  • Removal of junk and debris 
  • Loading of materials on the truck 

We provide free estimates with our service, so don’t hesitate to call.

Do I Need a Demolition Permit to have my Shed Torn Down?

This depends on where your shed is located. To be safe, it’s best to call the local zoning department. If you need help with this or any other questions about your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Sized Sheds does Dunkin Junk Removal Tear Down?

We tear down all sizes of sheds, including wooden and metal. There is no job that’s too big or small for us to handle. Your old shed doesn’t need to just sit outside in the rain, getting rustier or shabbier. We can remove it and have it gone in no time.

Have a broken shed sitting around your house collecting dust, mold, and other debris? Don’t suffer that old eyesore any longer. We know there are more important things for you to deal with than cleaning up your outside area. Let us do the dirty work. Just give our friendly staff a call, and we’ll remove your shed immediately.

How does Dunkin Junk Removal go about Tearing Down a Shed?

When you decide to have your old shed torn down, it’s best to call in professionals. The work is by no means safe, and you can damage your shed by using the wrong tools or techniques.

Our staff is well-trained in the proper procedures for tearing down sheds. We use safety goggles, protective clothing, and sturdy boots to make sure our workers are protected at all times.

We make sure to use heavy machinery that’s built to last. Our machines are up-to-date, safe to use, and easy for our workers to operate.

We can tear down sheds fast! To schedule an appointment, just give us a call or contact our friendly staff online.

How Much does Dunkin Junk Removal Charge for Shed Tear Down?

Price varies depending on the type of shed, size, location, shed condition, and shed foundation. For a free estimate on your specific situation, give us a call.

We make sure we provide the best value for our customers with affordable services. You can trust Dunkin Junk Removal to get the job done right and on time.

Does Dunkin Junk Removal do Old Shed Cleanout?

Yes, we do! We can remove old junk and debris from your shed, leaving it clean and ready to use. Or, if you like, you can move the junk out of your shed and pile it up for us to come to haul away. We’re happy to help.

Do I Need to be Home for Work?

Yes, if you want your shed removed this way, an appointment is required, but we can always schedule an appointment convenient for you. Other options include having us pile up junk and debris outside of your shed or loading up all materials on our truck.

Dunkin Junk Removal is ready to help you with your Sacramento County shed tear down service needs. We’re here for you, so call us today at (916) 891-6456.

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