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If you live near Sacramento and have a hoarding problem, or if someone you know has one, then we can help. Perhaps this hoarder cleanout isn’t quite what you need–perhaps you want a hoarder house cleanup. We can help with that, too!

Dunkin Junk Removal once got a call from an older man in East Sacramento. His home, he claimed, was full of hoarded junk. It had accumulated over the entirety of his life–about 70 years. Would it be possible for us to drop by and clear everything out?

We were fascinated. Seventy years of accumulated memories, all in one house! Well, we, of course, told the kindly older man that yes, we would be thrilled to help him on his quest to clean up his home. And so it was that the inconspicuous Dunkin Junk Removal team arrived at an East Sacramento ranch house on a balmy summer afternoon.

We met the nice older man at his front door, where he welcomed us with a small wave. “Well,” he said in a hushed tone, ushering us inside the dim foyer, “it’s this way.”

He led us through his simple ranch house to his cluttered bedroom at the back. The entire room was jam-packed with decades of junk–boxes upon boxes filled to the brim with old magazines and newspapers, all of which were stacked several feet high on every available surface. We spied an old, ripped Stretch Armstrong box; in another, the remains of–we kid you not–a broken Star Intruder space toy (very rare!). The room was lit only by the beams of sunlight that filtered through cracks in the drawn window shades.

“I-” he said haltingly, “I- I’m not sure how to tell you this… but… this is just my bedroom.” We peered at him quizzically. “The rest of the house is just like this.”

We stared at him in disbelief, and we’re sure our jaws dropped open too. Our incredulity grew by the moment. We knew this was going to take a lot of workforce and time, but it would also be among our more incredible service calls.

The poor old man looked apologetic. “I know it’s a lot,” he sighed, “but I’m sure you boys can do it. Please try your best.” Nodding silently, we began to trudge through the room toward the door. Ah, but there were so many things to see that hadn’t been popular for years! A Commodore 64 computer. A stack of board games from the 70s. A copy of Peter Pan looked to be signed by J.M. Barrie himself. Marvel upon marvel. We were enthralled.

We also got the nice old fellow’s home all cleared out in a single day. Know why that is? Because the team at Dunkin Junk Removal is chock full of nice young men who had a real appreciation for antiques and all things retro. It was a pleasure–a real pleasure–to clear out that hoarder’s home, and we do not doubt that the older man was elated at the outcome.

This is just one example of our hoarder cleanout service in Sacramento. We’ve done others like it–though not QUITE like it–over many years of hoarded junk removal. We’re proud of our work, and if you think we could help you with your hoarding situation, then, by all means, give us a call at (916) 891-6456!

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