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Dunkin Junk Removal takes away all your junk. That, in a nutshell, is what we do. Junk and clutter around the home are by no means conducive to peace of mind or clarity. And when that junk gets to the point where it must be removed from the house, it is time to call Dunkin Junk Removal.

The odd thing about junk is how slowly and gradually it builds up around the home. You may not think anything of it at first. Hey, it’s just a few boxes in the back room—no big deal. But over time, three boxes become five, five, ten. It creeps up on you in a subtle way until one day you take a good, long look at it and ask yourself: What happened? Where did all this junk come from?

What are the Causes of Junk Build Up?

Continuing to bring more stuff into your home is one sizable cause. After all, what is in that big box you just brought home from the store? It is likely cleanouts are either empty or contain something else to clutter up your home even further. And even when you do not bring in any new stuff, you can still suffer from junk buildup. In many cases, it’s the result of simply not being organized. Being disorganized is a fairly common problem in today’s society, and the effects are showing up all around us in the form of junk accumulating in our homes.

Left unchecked, a collection of junk quickly becomes a problem that requires more junk to solve. It is a vicious cycle that can be incredibly hard to break independently. So that’s where Dunkin Junk Removal comes in. We are here to help you rid yourself of your junk, once and for all!

How Will Dunkin Junk Removal Get Rid Of My Junk?

We offer two different junk removal services that deliver the same results. The first is our junk haul away service. With this option, Dunkin Junk Removal will send a crew of strong, courteous movers to your home, where they’ll do all the work.

The other choice is for you to rent one of our trucks and do the job yourself. However, this option is not available when removing appliances or furniture.

What’s Involved In Dunkin Junk Removal?

The crew will arrive at your home and ask you to point out which junk you prefer us to remove, usually in terms of rooms in the house. The movers work quickly and efficiently, and within a couple of hours, you will find that all your junk is gone.

The most common types of items we haul away include:

  • General Junk 
  • All items too big for regular garbage disposals, such as furniture Appliances, Building Materials, And Much More!

We do not really like saying, “we’re better than everyone else…” but we honestly believe we are. We take the junk away at a low price and on time, every time. And our service is about as easy as it gets on your wallet, on your back, and your mind.

Dunkin Junk Removal operates seven days a week by appointment only. To book an appointment, just call Dunkin Junk today or use our online booking feature below. When you make an appointment, we’ll come to your home, give you a free no-obligation quote on the spot and take ALL of your junk away at that price.

We offer flat rates for junk removal in Sacramento, which means that there are no hidden fees, save for those we would have to charge you if you changed your mind and decided not to let us take the junk away after all.

Junk Removal Services:

  • We offer fair rates on junk removal.
  • We recycle your junk wherever possible.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We provide honest and straightforward pricing.
  • Our free estimates are accurate and won’t change after we arrive.
  • We have a low price guarantee, so if you find a cheaper service, call us, and we will beat their price!

Dunkin Junk Removal is the only name you need to remember for junk removal in Sacramento.

We do whole house clean outs, construction cleans out, commercial debris removal, trash pickup, waste pickup, and even light demolition. It’s all right here at Dunkin Junk Removal.

So when your home or business could do with a good clean out, call the experts at hauling junk away. We’re at (916) 891-6456.

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