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Dunkin Junk Removal will tear down smaller furnishings like decks, walking paths, or stairs. Then we’ll haul away the debris. That’s a big part of our service, and we do it all over the city. For example, if you want to clear out a room that has too much stuff in it or just needs some new furniture, we can help there too! This is an invaluable service for homeowners who are always trying to get things done around the house and just haven’t had time to take care of tedious tasks like tearing down old decks or walk paths. This is also convenient for people who are renting out their houses to students because having too much clutter on the property can affect curb appeal and decrease property value!

What Exactly is Light Demolition?

A light demo can entail the teardown of things like decks, walls, stairs, kitchens, tiles, bathrooms, and more. For example, if you rent your house to students and the kitchen needs a makeover, but you just don’t have time or money for it, Dunkin Junk Removal can help! We can come in and tear down walls to give the kitchen a fresh new look! That saves you thousands of dollars in renovation costs.

Or maybe you’re looking to do a basement remodel and need some light demo done on the walls or floor? Dunkin Junk Removal can help with that! We’ll tear out the old tile and set up new tiles. This also means we can take care of any other light demo needs you might have, like tearing down walls in your bedroom for a fresh coat of paint or replacing carpeting to make it more modern, or giving an old deck a new coat of paint!

We also do a light demo for businesses. We’ve done a lot of work in the restaurant industry, tearing out old furniture and kitchens from old restaurants that have been closed down to give them a more modern, appealing look. A light demo is a great way to breathe life into a business or home, and Dunkin Junk Removal can make it happen quickly and conveniently!

What’s Included in Light Demolition?

Any tear-down work we do for customers includes removal, cleanup, and disposal. That means we’ll remove the rubble and clear any debris or trash that accumulates during the tear-down process. Before we leave, you will have a clean slate! Dunkin Junk Removal is always very hands-on with our service and will make sure to leave your house looking pristine. Our goal is to make our customers impressed with the result and with our service!

What Kind of Projects do we do?

Dunkin Junk Removal’s goal is to make home improvement as easy as possible for you. We want to take care of the work that you don’t have time for or just aren’t interested in. With that in mind, we can come and remove your old deck and help with much more! If you’ve got an old staircase to tear down – no problem! Maybe you want us to do some light demolition on a wall you’re interested in knocking down. Sure thing! Many old items in your house can be destroying the value, so let us help take care of them for you!

Why Choose Dunkin Junk Removal for Light Demolition?

Dunkin Junk Removal will save you time, hassle, money, and stress with any tear-down and work we do. We are an eco-friendly company that maintains a safe working environment for our team and customers. We won’t ever cut corners to save time or money, so you can trust us to get the job done right! Our workers are all well-trained and take pride in their work, so we’ll give you a solid tear down that will last for years!

We’ll complete your light demolition at a reasonable price. Give us a call at (916) 891-6456.

We Serve All of Sacramento County

This is junk removal. But this is also Sacramento light demolition services, so we operate all over the city, not just in one area. This is important because we want to get the most value out of our time spent on each job. We can’t just stick to one part of town – there are too many people in Sacramento County who need help! That means that you’re not limited either. No matter where you are in the city or county, Dunkin Junk Removal is available to help you get rid of your unwanted items!

It doesn’t matter what kind of light demo needs you to have. Dunkin Junk Removal will take care of them all, no problem at all! We’ll tear out walls, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, etc., to give your business or home a new look without breaking the bank. Call us today at (916) 891-6456.

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