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Hauling old furniture out of your house can be a real pain. Some of it can be pretty cumbersome, after all. You wind up calling one of your buddies and asking him to help you carry a giant couch downstairs to the front door. The couch is one of those reclining types, so of course, it comes with a nice, hefty steel frame that’s a load of laughs to drag around. As the two of you lug the couch down the steps, your buddy starts to shoot you a series of unkind looks. He’s beginning to wish he’d been assigned a different science partner in high school.

Dunkin Junk Removal is here to help you cut around all the hard work. We have a team of workers who are ready to come out and haul away old furniture for you so that you can get on with your day. Furniture can be heavy and bulky. You don’t want to waste a weekend on a big move like that, do you? We’ll come out and get rid of everything for you. In the end, you wind up saving money AND time, which is a wonderful thing! Let us handle the heavy, annoying duty of hauling your old furniture away.

We’re not just there to take care of the furniture either. We’ll do anything that needs to be hauled away. Have a pile of old bricks in your backyard? Dunkin Junk Removal can come and take them away! Have a heavy door you’re not sure how to get rid of? Dunkin Junk Removal will take it from there!

In the same way, we’ll haul out any other junk that needs to go. We’ll pick up old appliances, scrap metal, yard waste, and even construction debris. If it’s something you don’t want lying around in your house, we’ll take care of it for you!

We’ve dealt with all sorts of folks who need furniture removed in the past, so no matter what kind of furniture you’re hauling away, we’ll be able to handle it. We’ve got a wide selection of removal trucks that can transport all kinds of furniture. All you have to do is let us know what’s going on, and we’ll do the rest.

Couches, recliners, coffee tables, kitchen tables, bed frames, mattresses, wardrobes, entertainment centers, and really, whatever sort of old, junk furniture you’ve got lying around. We’ll pick it up and make sure that your house is ready for move-in day!

If you’re concerned about whether or not we can take the furniture, don’t worry. We’ve taken everything under the sun out of people’s homes before. There aren’t many things we can’t haul away, that’s for sure!

Your old furniture can be put out to pasture, or it can be recycled. Dunkin Junk Removal will ensure that your old stuff doesn’t wind up in a landfill somewhere. We’ll care for it responsibly and help you get rid of it the best way possible.

We are the best when it comes to dumping stuff because we will always recycle as much as we can. Not only do we want to help you haul away your old junk, but we want to be as helpful and green about it as we possibly can be.

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When it comes to furniture removal in Sacramento, Dunkin Junk Removal is the team with the tools and knowledge to make your life a whole lot easier. We’ll handle all your furniture removal needs for you, so you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger. Just sit back, relax and let us take care of it!

Dunkin Junk Removal also offers low rates for those times when you want to save money (don’t you owe that buddy a drink?). If you’d rather spend your cash on other things, we can make sure to charge much less for our services than the competition. We know how much money furniture junk removal costs, so why not cut your expenses in half?

Don’t have time to handle your junk? That’s where Dunkin Junk Removal can help out! Our team is ready to come out and haul away your old furniture, so give us a call at (916) 891-6456 today.

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