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Dunkin Junk Removal handles all sorts of Sacramento waste pickup needs for customers who’d rather not do it themselves. Whether it’s garden waste, construction or demolition debris, appliances, to old furniture, Dunkin Junk Removal will remove them for a fee.

Dunkin also recycles what they can and saves valuable natural resources and landfill space by reusing items deemed fit for reuse.

How Does Dunkin Junk Removal Define Waste Disposal?

Cleaning out the garage, basement, and other areas in homes or businesses can lead to a significant amount of debris.

Construction and demolition projects also produce large amounts of rubble. Both types should be handled with care.

Dunkin Junk Removal offers comprehensive waste disposal services, including:

  • Serving residential and commercial clients
  • Providing residential and commercial junk removal services
  • Removing construction waste
  • Hauling garden waste

Dunkin Junk Removal also recycles what they can, so they can both save resources and landfill space.   

Who Can Use Dunkin Junk Removal?

As a full-service company, Dunkin Junk Removal offers a range of services to customers, including:

  • Property managers and real estate professionals
  • Residential customers who need to get rid of an old couch or other debris from around the house
  • Business owners and contractors with junk leftover at job sites or construction sites

Waste Pickup Process

To have rubbish hauled away from your home or business, simply give Dunkin Junk Removal a call. Dunkin will send over one of their uniformed crews to survey the site and give you an estimate for the services. 

After you agree on a price, either “upfront” or by credit card number, Dunkin’s team will load up all your unwanted items onto their truck and haul them away.

Waste Pickup Pricing

Dunkin Junk Removal charges by the cubic yard, but it can be difficult to estimate how much waste there is without seeing the site first-hand. The Dunkin Junk Removal team will bring along a measuring wheel and help determine how big your load is, which helps you determine the price.

Is there a Difference Between Junk, Trash, and Waste?

Waste is defined as something that you don’t need or use anymore. Trash is defined as any object that’s unwanted and usually thrown away, such as junk mail or old newspapers. Junk is a more general term for objects that aren’t necessarily trash but aren’t useful either. For example, an old computer may be considered junk because it’s broken and doesn’t work anymore, even though it isn’t trashed in the traditional sense.

We may also define waste as something more organic, such as food or beverages. This thing cannot be recycled and is often thrown away. Sometimes waste can even be hazardous. Dunkin Junk Removal recommends calling a professional removal service like our own in these cases. Hazardous waste disposal can be costly and may require special handling by professionals.

This Stuff is Starting to Smell; How Fast can Dunkin Junk Removal Get Here?

Dunkin Junk Removal’s team can usually arrive within an hour or two of your initial phone call, depending on the time of day and how far they need to travel. The faster you call us, the sooner we will be able to help rid your premises of all that junk.

What does Dunkin Junk Removal do with Removed Waste?

Dunkin Junk Removal recycles what they can, saving valuable natural resources and landfill space by reusing items deemed fit for reuse. Dunkin Junk Removal also properly disposes of other waste materials that are not recyclable or reusable. Dunkin Junk Removal’s goal is to do its part in improving the environment.

Clean Up Made EASY

We don’t want you to have to lift a finger when we’re through doing our job. Dunkin Junk Removal will sweep up all the mess our team makes, leaving your site clean as a whistle. And if you choose us for any demolition services, we’ll handle all the hazardous material disposal for you.

To get rid of waste material around the home fast and easily, call us today at (916) 891-6456.

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