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Dunkin Junk Removal has been hauling away old spas and hot tubs in the Sacramento area for years. We still do it like no one else. Your old spa or hot tub can be gone in no time.

Every day we haul away junk, but when it comes to spas and hot tubs, they need special attention. Most companies won’t even touch something like this because of the dangers involved, mainly electrocution. We see people try to do their spa removal every day for this reason and end up calling us to bail them out of a very bad situation. Not only that but leaving an old spa or hot tub behind can be hazardous in itself. We’ve seen several instances where the spa leaks and contaminates the groundwater with all sorts of chemicals, and who knows how many germs and diseases can grow there? There’s also no telling how badly the ground beneath it can be damaged.

Sometimes spas or hot tubs are very old and no longer up to code. This is when things get even more dangerous because if you attempt removing it yourself, without any experience in doing so safely, you could end up cutting a cord that triggers an electrical current running through the spa, or in some cases, the wiring has rusted and is very dangerous to handle without proper understanding. The best thing you can do with an old hot tub or spa is getting it out of there!

We have all the necessary tools for this type of removal, from a special trailer designed specifically to haul away spas and hot tubs to the workforce to get it loaded up and out of there. We will remove your spa or hot tub in just a few short hours. The only thing you do not need is the water! We will remove all that as well!

How Does Dunkin Junk Removal Haul Away Spas and Hot Tubs?

Dunkin Junk Removal sometimes uses a special trailer with a hydraulic bed that is large enough to haul even the largest hot tubs and spas. It also has several tie-down hooks on the inside of it. Before we take your spa off, we’ll normally disassemble it. This is after disconnecting all the electrical cords attached.

If your hot tub was not in the best shape, there might be some rust and metal flakes in with the water, which we will have removed from your spa before hauling it away. Once all the debris is on the truck, it’s time to drive it off. Our disposal service is eco-friendly and safe for all involved.

Once everything is out of your spa or hot tub, we clean up the area around it before hauling it away. We always leave the area cleaner than we found it.

A homeowner wants to avoid hiring some backyard guy from down the road to help remove the spa. The last thing they want is someone to get hurt or even killed! Yes, removing these things can be dangerous. That’s why we are professionals when it comes to spa and hot tub removal in Sacramento. We will remove your hot tub without ever paying you a dime, and in most cases, it isn’t covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy either!

We do not charge anything extra for disassembling, hauling away, and disposing of the spa. It’s all included in our flat service fee. Your only job is to stand back and watch. We’ll handle the rest–and we’ll do it like the pros we are.

We hope we have answered some of your questions, and if you have any more, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help you out! 

If you have an old spa or hot tub that needs to be removed from your property, please call Dunkin Junk Removal at (916) 891-6456. We’re the specialists when it comes to removing a hot tub or spa from your home or business.

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