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Turning the garage into a junk storage room is all too common among homeowners. And sometimes it works out okay. Dunkin Junk Removal had one client talk of a grandfather who kept all his WWII memorabilia in his garage. The place turned into a kind of museum that fascinated friends and neighbors.

And sometimes it doesn’t work out. Every so often, we hear about a garage that’s been so crammed with junk, the owner can’t even go inside. For these instances, Dunkin Junk Removal offers garage clean out in Sacramento. Our crew will come to your home, survey the situation and give you an estimate for removal. Once we’ve agreed on a price, our crew goes to work removing items from your garage.

We’ll take care of every type of item from old furniture to books to tires, from kids toys to old car parts. No matter what it is, we’ll get it out of there so you can once again have a place to park your car.

What Sort of Junk will Dunkin Junk Removal Haul Out of my Garage?

Just about anything and everything. If you haven’t used it in a while, we’ll haul it off for you. And don’t worry about those mouse traps. Our crew members are fully trained to dispose of any potential safety hazards.

We’ll even haul off old gas and oil from your car or another small engine as well as old paint. And we’ll take away those loose items such as recycling materials, firewood, construction debris, etc. Just give us a call for an estimate on these items.

What About My Lawnmower?

No problem. We’ll remove your mower and dispose of any gas or oil properly. Just make sure to remove the blade before we get there so it doesn’t cause any damage while hauled away by one of our trucks. If you need help, just give us a call when we arrive.

What About My Desk or Chest of Drawers?

We’ll take those as well. We can remove just about anything from your garage except for appliances. We suggest you remove the doors from any appliance before our arrival so it’s not a hazard while being hauled away. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding this.

We’ll remove your old mattress if it’s no longer in usable condition. If you want to keep it, fine. We’ll take away anything that needs to be removed from the garage so you can park your car in there again without feeling like you’ve stepped into a storage facility.

I’ve Got Old, Rusty Car Parts Hanging on the Walls. Will that be a Problem?

Nope. We’ll haul away anything you want to be removed from the garage. Including old tires, oil cans, and rusted car parts. Just make sure to remove these items before we get there so they aren’t a safety hazard while being hauled away by our trucks.

Just give us a call Dunkin Junk Removal for an estimate on hauling away your junk. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you a price for hauling away your junk removal needs. It’ll be safe. It’ll be quick. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Do I have to do Anything?

In most instances, no. You don’t have to help us remove the junk from your garage because Dunkin Junk Removal offers complete junk removal services. But if there’s something you want to keep, you’ll have the opportunity to point it out.

Your garage was meant for cars. Or to use as a workshop. Or to let your teenage son get started on that rock band he’s always talking about. It wasn’t meant to be cluttered with junk. If you’ve got a garage that needs to be cleaned out, give Dunkin Junk Removal a call. You’ll be surprised at how quickly our crew can remove any junk from your garage and at how nice things look when we’re done.

We’ll make it look as if your garage is always meant to be free of junk without any inconvenience for you. Give us a call today at (916) 891-6456.

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